Happy New Tier . . .Not!

Happy New Tier

Happy New Tier . . .Not!

Happy New Tier  . . . Said no one EVER!!!

The news that nobody wanted, but fully expected, has happened. We have entered Tier 4. Which ultimately means we will have to close the showroom for third time this year. However, rather than dwell and see this as a negative. It’s pushed the team at Clitheroe Security Systems to use their imagination. And bring something new to the business.


Mobile CCTV Unit

At the end of December after being approached by a well known house builder, we decided to purchase a new vehicle. The sole purpose of this was to convert the van into a mobile CCTV unit. Fully equipped with the latest Hikvision CCTV Systems. The general idea of this, was to hire the newly converted van out to places such as building sites, empty venues etc, along with manned guarding service.




This is still our plan . . . But . . . Fully expecting the news of tier 4 hanging over us. The team have instead, adapted one of the original vehicles. Into a mobile showroom. Thus meaning that although the showroom is closed. We can bring the mobile showroom to you!!

The idea is to pull up the vehicle at your property, position the vehicle in the best location. This will enable us to show you our Hikvision CCTV cameras. From this point you will see live footage of the cameras, on the 4k monitor within the vehicle. Which can be viewed from the outside of our “mobile showroom”.


Battling The Elements

The Clitheroe Security Team have been working tirelessly installing your new CCTV systems. Clive’s brother Terry, whom we usually visit in Australia, owns GC Antennas and Security Systems. We had to laugh at the comparison of the “elements” when the brothers both uploaded a picture on the same day showing the days CCTV installations. Now I know which element I prefer.


Battling the Elements


December In The Barnes Household

Well its been a change if nothing else. l hate to blow my own trumpet here but we had it all pretty organised. To say I’m used to packing suitcases at this time of year and not wrapping pressies we did well. I put the decs up early like everyone else. Axll was so excited I felt like I owed it to him and joined the rest of GB in eagerly shoving up the tree. He was pretty thrilled. Just before Christmas we celebrated Arlo’s 7th Birthday. No birthday bash this year though. Instead we hired sleepover Tee Pees from the fabulous Moon and Stars Teepees. The boys absolutely loved it.




Christmas Day was quiet. The boys were totally overwhelmed.




Contact Us

Due to our line of work we are classed as key workers, although the showroom will be closed, as throughout most of 2020, we will be running the business from home. Taking calls, doing quotations. Booking in your CCTV Installations. The engineers adhere to all government guidelines regarding PPE during their visits to your homes. You can contact us several ways . . . by phone 01200 760603, request a quote via the website or through our Facebook.

As always thanks for taking the time to read

Hols x