Keeping The Boys Busy


Keeping The Boys Busy

Keeping the boys busy here at Clitheroe Security is not something we have had a problem with at all. Firstly, Clive has been in the office driving me absolutely crazy, why, because he has a poorly vehicle. Luckily, with the fleet of vehicles we have on the road. It hasn’t had a major impact on the engineers as they have their own vehicles. But it has been detrimental to my sanity.

The Week Ahead

We got a smashing delivery today for several jobs booked in through the week. Before the lads took it away i thought that this would be a great opportunity to share the variety of CCTV and Security Systems we fit on a weekly basis.

First up we have Pyronix alarm system. This is for a residential property Langho. The customer came to us after receiving totally different prices from several companies. She wasn’t happy with the man with a mobile phone number, website and a van. She was searching for the face to face experience that we can offer here at our showroom in Clitheroe. Offering the piece of mind that we are here for lifetime advice, once the system is installed.

Following this we are due to install  a 2 Camera CCTV system from our Bronze package. These Hikvision POC Ultra Low Light Turbo HD Systems are ideal for small residential properties. The customer had an over the phone quotation and then came into the showroom to decide on which package better suited their needs. With it being a small terraced property, with a small back yard, these are ideal for what the customer wanted. This is the first of two bronze systems to be installed this week. Again a similar property with the same requirements.


Let’s Go Platinum

We get a lot of walk in customers that have previously had a quote over the phone and pop in to have a look at the systems actual footage in the day, and in the night. Following on from a demonstration we do find a lot of customers saying “Let’s Go Platinum“. There is just no denying the premium quality of the unit and the picture from the Hikvision 8MP, 4K powered by darkfighter cameras. This particular customer has decided to go with the grey coloured turret cameras for the property, fitting in with the similar coloured fascias and soffits. Giving the CCTV system a more discreet look.


Last But Not Least

We have had another recommendation from the local police, as the go to guys for a quality CCTV system to be installed after a burglary in Baxenden. The customer has chosen to go for a 8MP, 4K camera at the front and both sides of the property, and then opted for the Hikvision ColorVu Network Camera. This is to cover the rear of the property, as it is extremely dark, because the property backs on to a wooded area, with no lighting whatsoever. Not only does this camera record sound. It also has a light, that comes on when darkness falls, eliminating the need of a security light.


We also have upgrade for storage of CCTV to be completed this week. A customer in Accrington had her CCTV installed by a local chap, they were only getting a couple of days footage stored on the hard drive. She was sold a  CCTV system with a 500GB hard drive. This was not enough, to get to the 30 days storage the customer requires to comply with her licensing. We will be replacing her 500GB hard drive with a 6TB hard drive. This will ensure she has the storage requirements she needs. We can’t express enough, how much storage needed, is a major factor in the design of your CCTV system.


As you can see, it is quite  a varied collection of systems we install on a weekly basis. We pride ourselves in not just installing kits.But inviting all of our customers to our showroom at 14 Wellgate, Clitheroe BB7 2DP. Once they have seen the variety of CCTV cameras we have to offer, we can guarantee a solution to 99% of our customers needs. Our customer in Baxenden would never have known you could have a CCTV camera that not only lights the darkest of situations. But also records sound, had she not called into our showroom. Call us now on 01200 760603 , pop onto Facebook page or visit our website.