Platinum CCTV System From Clitheroe Security


Platinum CCTV System for Small Residential Properties


Terraced house

Small bungalow


Package includes all equipment, basic installation, and remote viewing set up to mobile devices.

  • Ideal for small bungalow, terraced house or flat
  • Camera; 8 megapixels,High Resolution (4K), choice of 2.8mm/4mm Fixed Lens, Bullet or Turret Outdoor Cameras, with up to 50 metres IR distance – Maximum resolution 3840 x 2160
  • NVR; Hikvision 4 channel NVR, up to 8 megapixel 4K resolution recording. Supports 1ch HDMI, 1ch VGA, HDMI at up to 4k (3840 x 2160 resolution) – Attach up to 4 IP CCTV cameras, with 40 mbps incoming bandwidth, 1TB HDD (2-4 weeks recording)
  • View on any mobile device (subject to internet coverage)
  • Basic installation includes; cabling from NVR to all cameras, connection to own monitor/TV, patch lead from NVR to own router/switch
  • Remote viewing on any mobile device
  • 3 years parts and labour guarantee


Our Hikvision 8 MP High Resolution (4K) Powered by Darkfighter IP Systems are ideal for small residential properties. To cover front back or side of the property, number of IP CCTV cameras dependant. The Platinum Hikvision 8 MP High Resolution (4K) Powered by Darkfighter IP System is 1 of our most advanced system and with a picture quality of full 4K, you won’t be disappointed with the footage. Along with lots of other features such as face detection, line crossing, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection. This system will even alert you if there is a sudden scene change. (notifications will be sent from your NVR to the Hik Connect App on your mobile device or to an email of choice)

Our Hikvision 8 MP High Resolution (4K) Powered by Darkfighter IP cameras are fully weatherproof. They provide crisp full coloured images during the day, with the added benefit of Hikvisions Powered by Darkfighter technology, these 8 MP High Resolution (4K) Powered by Darkfighter IP cameras stay in full colour in low light situations. And when in complete darkness, they provide a quality black and white picture of to 50 meters. So are ideal for both internal and external installations.

Our Hikvision 4 channel NVR will record either continuously or on motion detection only. All footage will be stored directly to the installed HDD. Our Hikvision 4 channel NVR can be connected to your own TV/monitor via HDMI or VGA. And with the help of the Hik Connect App, the Hikvision 4 channel NVR allows you to remote view the cameras from anywhere in the world, on any mobile device e.g. IPhone, android, IPad, tablet etc. (connection to the internet necessary)

Basic Installation

At the start of your installation one of our highly experienced professional team members will have a walk around the property with you, to agree the perfect location of the CCTV cameras, cabling and NVR. Our engineers pay high attention to detail with regards to the positioning the CCTV cameras and the hiding of cables wherever possible.

Each CCTV camera will be installed with a single cable of up to 20m, from the camera to the NVR.

The Hikvision 4 channel NVR will be installed in close proximity to your supplied TV or monitor. With a patch lead of no more than 5m from the NVR, to your router.

Once the CCTV equipment is installed, our engineer will then configure the remote viewing on your mobile devices, allowing you to view your footage from anywhere in the world. Subject to internet coverage.

Now is the time to pop the kettle on!!!

Whilst one of our engineers is busy cleaning up and packing all the tools away, our lead engineer will now sit down with you to explain how your new CCTV system works. From knowing how to playback footage, to downloading the footage from your mobile phone, all will become clear with your 1 to 1 demonstration.

Don’t worry if you find after our engineers have left that there is something that you are just not sure of, as we offer lifetime free advice over the phone to all of our customers.

After numerous installations of CCTV systems over the years, we know that sometimes, a basic installation may need to be added to. Such as hiding the NVR in another location other than your TV. Please see our specialist installations below for information.

Specialist Installation

Most installations don’t usually have any special requirements. However, if you require anything from extra-long HDMI cables, monitor brackets, specialist cabling over 20m, CCTV cameras mounting on poles, extra cables from the DVR to your router, even the hiding of the DVR altogether. Our professional experienced team are able to accommodate; however, this may incur extra costs to your installation.

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