We Are Open


We Are Open

We are open!
First of all Clitheroe Security Systems  would like to thank all of our customers old and new or keeping us busy through these uncertain times and hope you are all keeping well. We would also like to thank all of our new customers for understanding it takes us a little longer to get to you, than it normally would do. This is due to the extra precautions we have had to take to keep you and our team safe. Many suppliers are closed, we have noticed that the larger national companies have started to increase there prices.
We at Clitheroe Security Systems have secured plenty of stock at our normal rate, so no price increases from us. We will continue to work in accordance with Government guidelines, as long as we are classed as key workers.

The Showroom

The showroom is open, on an appointment only basis at the moment. This is to keep in with the social distancing advice from the Government. Thus ensuring the safety of not our our staff, but our customers too. If you are wanting to take a look at the CCTV packages on offer call 01200 760603 to speak to Clive or myself (Hollie) and we will arrange an appointment with you. During this time we have been updating the systems, and the showroom. Also remember that not only do we offer CCTV systems from there. We do sell lots of little extras you may need. Stock includes items such as Alarm Systems, TV Wall Brackets, HDMI leads, TV Aerials, Satellite Dishes, bracketery, cabling and heaps more.

Aerials Clitheroe Security

1 Year Of Clitheroe Security Systems

This month also marks our 1 year anniversary of getting the keys to our showroom. Its been an amazing journey so far. I, myself have learnt so so much about the Hikvision world. Shortly before the pandemic myself and Dylan attended a HCSA (Hikvsion Certified Security Associate) certified CCTV training course. We both passed, I was over the moon, and clearly know more about the cameras than I thought i did. The locals in Clitheroe have been nothing but welcoming since the day we opened. It really is a pleasure to work from there. For our business as a whole, the decision to open a showroom has had nothing but a positive impact. Its been a great first year. So from Clive and I, Thank You.


Family Life

With the children being off school, we decided that we would run the office from home. My homeschooling skills are seriously lacking. DIY skills are thriving though. I’ve managed to do all the jobs I complain I never have the time to do. I decorated the boys room within the first week of lockdown. Following from that i decided to paint the park. That wasn’t a bright idea. Its become the most tedious job in the world TBH. Soon got bored of that so gave the toilet a makeover with the leftovers from the boys room.

DIY During Lockdown

Axll, the youngest of our brood had his third birthday during lockdown. I had a party planned for him, so felt completely disheartened, but it turned out great and we had a really fabulous family day. He did’nt have to share his cake with his friends so dived right on in there straight after blowing the candles out. Louie is turning 11 tomorrow. Lockdown birthday number 2. Nothing much planned obviously. Hopefully the sun will shine so we can spend time in the garden.

Contact Us

As always a massive thank you for taking the time to read this latest news. Follow our Facebook page for regular updates or just to contact us via messenger. Clive is working on updating the showroom at 14 Wellgate Clitheroe BB7 2DP. So give him a little knock on the door should you need some assistance from him. Or call us on 01200 760603. Don’t forget to check in on Accrington Aerials too. Stay Safe everybody.