Back In The Showroom


Back In The Showroom

Hi all, its Hollie here. Thrilled to be writing this little blog letting you all know we are back in the showroom. The boys have returned to school as we are classed as key workers. Its so nice to be sat at my little desk. Hopefully it won’t be long until Clitheroe is back to its busy delightful self. Don’t even look at my hair, it was due a trim over 12 weeks ago, its the longest its been in over 10 years. Oh the joys of lockdown life.


What’s New

Now that we are back we can go forward with all the plans we made prior to the pandemic. You will soon be seeing myself on screen. Telling you a little bit more about the packages and what they can offer. I’m going to be completely honest, as always. I can’t say I am looking forward to it. So be kind. I hate being on camera, but think once I have done a couple, I will love it. So the first couple may be ropey. Hopefully I can grab a haircut before all this commences. We just want to engage with our customers more. The showroom is a great foundation, as we are here should you have any problems. We are not just a man in a van that you won’t here from again once he’s got your money.

Looking Back

Its hard to think that this time last year we hadn’t even opened the showroom. It was still in the process of renovations. We could not have wished for a better year, minus the pandemic. I Can’t wait to see all of our neighbouring businesses back and running again. They have welcomed us with open arms, and its slightly weary seeing them all closed.



Axll returned to nursery last week. He’s a new man. He was without a dummy, and he’s now potty trained. It came at the best time for us and him. Smashing up a TV and stripping my hallway wallpaper was the final straw to be honest. Axll definitely keeps us on our toes, hes a tornado.


Louie is happy to be back at school, Arlo on the other hand is fuming. I’m confident he will be happy once he’s there though.

Whilst I am piping on about family life I would like to introduce you all to my gorgeous new nephew Toby James. We’re all completely smitten with him.


Contact Us

We are now available in the CCTV showroom 10am – 2pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday is appointment only at the moment. Call us on 01200 760603 at any time for information and bookings. Check in on our Facebook page for regular updates. Most of the information regarding our systems in on our website, should you need further requirements then don’t hesitate to call us. Do check in on our sister company Accrington Aerials should you need assistance with your TV system.

As always thanks for reading.