What A Busy Month

What A Busy Month

What a busy month June has been, we have been non stop here at Clitheroe Security Systems. The Hikvision ColorVU have been very popular this month. The night vision on these is incredible, they have been flying out. We have had heaps of people in the showroom checking out the systems on display, all within the government guidelines of course. Damien, our newest engineer, has proven to be an incredible asset during this busy time.


Lights, Camera, Action

So . . . A¬† while back I mentioned that we would be filming some videos, to share on the website. About the packages, the CCTV cameras, the settings and all other related stuff. This week it happened. I’ve been putting it off for months because I just didn’t have the confidence, I hate having my photo taken never mind being stood in front of a camera. It had to happen sooner or later though. So we got Sean in from North Web Design. He does all our websites. What a bloody performance. I was ridiculously nervous. I’ve had sleepless nights over these bloody videos, along with ripping Clive’s head off every time he mentioned them. It was an all day job. My mouth wouldn’t say what it had too. Kept saying the wrong things, the wrong way around at the wrong time. Mehh! Nightmare. But with Sean’s help and a lot of patience we got there. I hope they turn out OK. Watch this space.


Family News

At the start of the second week of opening the showroom, Axll fell over and hurt his mouth quite badly. His teeth were all over the place, he had to have surgery. Luckily he came away with just losing two front teeth. Although its not ideal that he is going to have a big gap until his adult teeth come through he has been incredibly lucky. My heart broke for him when I looked at his injuries at the hospital. He was an absolute superstar from start to finish. In fact he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, particularly¬† the x-ray department. His mouth was that bashed up the doctor couldn’t make out whether he had swallowed any teeth or not. He is absolutely fine now and back to being his mischievous little self.



Contact Us

Between CCTV installations, future YouTube star and hospital stays, its easy to say June has been VERY hectic. July looks set to be the same, work wise that is, I’m hoping we can stay away from A and E for the foreseeable future.

As always a massive thank you for all our customers, to those that take the time to read my blogs, and share them. Please do leave us a review, either on our website or our Facebook page. Call us on 01200 760603 for any enquiries regarding CCTV. Or pop into the showroom at 14 Wellgate Clitheroe BB7 2DP.

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