The New Normal

The New Normal

Hi guys.

Hope you’re all settling in to the new normal. What even is normal anymore. Here at Clitheroe Security, our new normal, is still appointment only in the showroom. This is due to the size of the building and the way in which we demonstrate the systems. Its been a busy few weeks for us with residential and commercial CCTV installations.

Hikvision Acusense

This camera is proving to be very popular amongst our customers, once they see it in action in the showroom. With features such as 2 way audio, an active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off. And many more featured on the image below. You would a expect a camera with all these features to be huge, but no, they are as subtle as any other turett CCTV camera. For a demonstration on this system please don’t hesitate to contact us 01200 760603 to make an appointment.

Family Life

When we are not busy with the businesses, we are busy with the youngest 3 of our herd of boys. They all returned to school and nursery this week, which was nice. And a lot quieter around the office. Axll the rogue one of the bunch, took returning to nursery a lot better than anticipated, as he was absolutely adamant that he wasn’t going. We managed no tears and he has settled in great to say how long they have all been away. Louie’s description of high school is “prison” which is rather extreme i suspect, either way, he is more than happy to be going.

Before sending them off to “prision” I bribed them for cooperation with a little trip to the Sealife Centre in Blackpool. Cute little place, don’t expect a full day in there though. I think it took me longer to find a parking spot than get around the actual venue, but hey ho.

With that being said it leaves me to thank you all for your valued custom, reviews and recommendations. Do be sure to leave us a review on our Facebook page. Contact us on 01200 760603 for all your CCTV enquiries. Bookings available to see the systems in our showroom, located at 14 Wellgate Clitheroe can be made via phone, email or Facebook messenger.