Sunny September With Ajax

Sunny September With Ajax

What a nice Sunny September we have had. Here at Clitheroe Security Systems, one of the biggest sellers this week has been the Ajax Alarm System. So I thought I would give you a little more information. It’s so easy to use, and very clever. The fact that it is wireless is very attracting to our customers. Its super sleek looking and available in black or white. Clitheroe Security offers you 2 different packages, which you can add to at any point. Clitheroe Security is also a authorized partner of Ajax, listed here on their website.

The Ajax Alarm System

The Ajax Alarm System is smart, reliable, and lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat and help prevent massive troubles. Unlike many alarm systems, you can monitor the system yourself. So no hefty subscription costs once the system is installed. The Ajax smart alarm is not like a standard alarm system, you can apply additional extras such as flood detect, smoke detect and many many more.

How Will I Monitor The System

You monitor  the system via the mobile app, available for IOS and android, which is free to install. The app will let you arm/disarm the system and keep tabs on your devices (including information on signal status, battery level and temperature). You can also control the system via a key pad, and a space control, which is like a keyring type thing.

Contact Us

Along with the Ajax installations we have been inundated with CCTV requests, we always encourage our customers to come to the showroom at 14 Wellgate, Clitheroe BB7 2DP. To take a look at the systems on display. To view the real time footage and also the playback footage. So that you can see the sort of footage you will be viewing at night. Especially with the dark nights set to come earlier now we’re heading into the winter months.

For a quote or to make an appointment to view the systems please call 01200 760603. Or contact us via our Facebook page. As always a huge thank you for all your valued custom and support. It means the world to us as a family run business.